Tuesday, 21 May 2013

blog everyday in May - my favourite posts

Today is an easy one over on the blog everyday in May challenge and I fine with that after the crazy few weeks I have had. So we are going to step back in time and browse my archive to find some of my favourite posts. *note the layout and style has not always been so sophisticate and professional as it is now so I apologise in advance* 

I am going to go from the oldest to the newest and while they arent maybe my favourite posts, they are some I really enjoyed.

Wheres the silver lining? - as a fresh faced graduate with a degree in Fashion Writing, I was somewhat disillusioned with what the world had to offer me.

The world of an intern - read on if you have ever been an intern or worked for free, but not in the volunteer kind of sense, in the professional business world being somewhat exploited kind of sense.

The death of fashion - a more serious post about fashion (my earlier blog years were more fashion focused as I was a fresh graduate with a fashion writing degree, but I have since diversified and found other areas that interest me just as much). If you think you can write seriously about fashion, you are so wrong!

Sunshine makes the world go round - although in the case of London, it usually makes everything stop. Sweaty tube - no thank you!

A long time coming - the start of our adventures in Cyprus and what I thought would be a permanent suntan. I was wrong. Cyprus has seasons too. And winter is darn cold!

A lot can happen in a year - my favourite video by my favourite image site, comprising the best images of 2011. 

The obligatory post holiday photo post - my favourite place in Cyprus and I got some great photos!

8 years feels like 8 minutes - relationships.

Kathara Deftera - its all about the food in Cyprus!

Expat Issues - because long distance relationships are just as hard as long distance friendships.

Life in 250 words or less - and we are back to the present, last but not least my favourite from the blog everyday in May challenge. Trying to sum up my life in 250 words. Very challenging.

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