Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blog everyday in May - a story from my childhood

A little later than planned but I am still holding true to the blog everyday in May challenge. 

Every year, my mum always made (from scratch; she was an awesome baker, a trait I didn't inherit) me a birthday cake. Every year was a different theme; princess, animals, whatever my fancy was come the beginning of May. 

I always remember the week running up to my birthday, a large lump sitting on the kitchen work top with a tea towel covering it. This lump would be the source of my excitement until the morning of my birthday when it was uncovered and I could marvel at the wonders underneath. 

Each cake was prepared with so much love that one year, when I was still quite young, I decided I wanted to prepare a cake for my mums birthday. A friend of the family was babysitting me one evening  and since I was too young to be in the kitchen, baking unaided, she agreed to help. 

My mum was the sort of person that always had full cupboards with all possible ingredients required for absolutely anything that took your fancy. 

So finding ingredients for cake was no problem. 

After so many years, I still remember what happened next; said babysitter drops all the eggs on the kitchen floor and we are left with a big mess  and eggy feet. And no other alternative but to scrap the cake plan.

Im not sure if my mum ever really knew what went on in her kitchen whilst she was gone, but my intentions were good right.

I still laugh about this today, every-time I break eggs into a bowl.


  1. I remember having a cake very similar to that one when I was younger. My mom was also an amazing cake maker.

    1. Oh I used to love my cakes. Did you inherit her cake making skills? I certainly didnt!! :)


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