Sunday, 5 May 2013

blog everyday in May - blog friends

I wouldn't really say I have any blog friends as such. I have wonderful ladies that I communicate with through blogging but im not sure if its appropriate to call them friends. 

There is one blogging lady, a fellow expat in Cyprus who I just love. And thats Rebekka over at See what I see designs.

For a while she live in Cyprus with her husband but recently moved back to the US. I found her blog when I first came to Cyprus and was looking for other bloggers here; I quickly realised that us bloggers were the minority on the island. I soon became a regular over at her blog and loved reading about her adventures on this island. 

She is also a great artist and all round creative person, something which just oozes from her blog. 

Unfortunately we never got to meet' our paths almost cross many times. Usually on the escalator in the Mall, but by the time I realised it was her she was at the bottom and I was at the top and since we had never met, I didn't want to be that weird crazy person shouting her name in the Mall and then have some sort of awkward introduction. 

Now back in the US, her blog is covering the next chapter of life. Its well worth a visit. 


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm still so sad we never got to meet! Enjoy your Easter Sunday (: xx

    1. I know - almost but never quite got there.
      thank you!! It was a sunny day filled with souvla and ice cream. :)


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