Tuesday, 14 May 2013

blog everyday in May - 10 things that make me happy!

We are nearly half way through the blog everyday in May challenge and I am kinda surprised at myself for keeping up for so long *don't jinx it*. 

Today your going to learn 10 things that make me happy; some of you probably already know most of this list. But for those of you who don't and come across me on a bad day....you know what to do. 

1. Sunsets - I dont know why they make me happy. And it isn't a Cyprus related thing. I remember living in London and seeing amazing sunsets which would just bring a smile to my face. They always feel so calming for me. 

2. The beach - The feeling of sand between my toes makes me really happy. Seriously, as soon as I step foot on the beach its like a wave of happiness washes over. And know standing in a sandpit doesn't count!

3. Ice cream - It's sweet and it's cold. Enough said. 

4. London - It's funny that when I lived in London, I really didn't like it. Now when I return for holidays it is like all of the best bits crammed into one week. 

5. Being reunited with friends - Seeing those silly smiling faces right there in front of me makes me realise how lucky I am to have such great friends in London, who despite my wandering, remain my friends. 

6. Photography - Beautiful photographs that capture a moment and hold memories make me happy. There are many things from my childhood that I don't remember instantly but the photographs trigger some wonderful memories. 

7. The dog - I think I have the best dog in the world. She has an amazing character. Every day I come home from work and she is there, tail wagging, waiting for me. 

8. Chinese food - It makes me happy. And thats that. Ok. 

9. Freshly painted nails - Painting my nails is somewhat of a therapy for. Freshly painted nails, all perfect and glossy make me happy. Until I fall asleep and wake up with the annoying sheet imprint because my nails were still wet. *when will I learn not to paint nails before bed*.

10. Clean sheets - Clean sheet day is my favourite. There is something about getting into bed, super tired, with clean sheets that smell so fresh, that makes my nose and me very happy. 


  1. I do love freshly painted nails. To bad they never stay nice for more then a couple of days. I am in love with London as well. Although only as a holiday place.

    1. I love them too. I just did mine while reading blogs. I found that to make a manicure last more than a couple of days I need to do some maintenance every few days. File carefully rough edges if any. Put one coat of top coat on daily. And I even just top up the cracks with the nail varnish, whack some top coat over it and its basically as good as new, this weekend I will be investing in a nice pair of rubber gloves also for the cleaning.


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