Sunday, 12 May 2013

blog everyday in May - what I miss

There are lots of things I miss; the carefree feeling of being a kid, my favourite sandals from last summer, Chinese food in London, loved ones who are no longer here.... I could easily talk about all of the above. 

I think though, one of the most defining periods of my life, is what I miss the most. And that was my university years. 

I studied at a relatively small and not widely known university, but for me it wasn't so much about the prestigiousness of the institution, it was important that I study something I was passionate about and have a great 3 years full of experiences! 

And I can safely say it was all of the above. 

I was lucky enough to make some great friendships which continue to be strong, almost 4 years on. I learnt a lot, both in terms of education and life. I found my feet almost; relished my independence and found some confidence I had never had before. 

While its probably the period of my life I miss a lot, I don't think it is one that could be re-visited. It would never be the same. We made amazing memories and they should stay as memories I guess.

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