Friday, 3 May 2013

beauty: the battle of the make-up removers

Recently me and my skin have had a rather turbulent relationship. For some reason my skin is violently swaying between sensitive and oily; I keep getting sensitive skin round my eyes, but suffer from breakouts on my cheeks while my nose seems to be a base camp for blackheads! 

Im putting this whole situation down to a change in weather. Its warming up here and the air is filled with dust and pollens and I think a combination of this, allergies and an itsy bitsy bit of stress may be contributing factors for my difficult skin. 

So it seemed like the perfect time to start using something a bit more gentle on my face, especially when it comes to removing make up, a task I dislike at the best of times. 

Simple eye make up remover + Nuxe micellar cleansing water

The Simple range is not one I had really used before and I actually picked this up in the airport last time I was leaving England; you know what it's like, you have hours to wait for your plane and out of the corner of your eye you can hear Boots calling your name. 

I have always heard and read really good things about Simple and I am starting to believe them. For a hight street product, the eye make up remover is a great buy. It is super gentle yet removes every scrap of mascara with one cotton pad. Plus it's a totally affordable option if the Nuxe or Bioderma are a bit out of your price range. 

[purchase here]

The Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water is a little more luxurious in terms of make up removers. It is also for sensitive skin, but has a soft rose fragrance, which is not too overpowering or irritating. It gets your make up off super quickly, however it was a little harsher on my skin than the Simple brand. 

Im not sure why but my eyes reacted a little to the Nuxe cleanser and while it was efficient at removing my make up, this point brings it down a notch, especially since its definitely at the higher end in terms of price point. 

[purchase here]
I would have to say, the Simple eye make up remover wins for me; the price is affordable and its perfect for sensitive or combination skin like mine, there was no irritation and it did its job as it said it would.

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