Tuesday, 23 November 2010

picture postcard

Photography by Harry Kakoullis

Monday, 22 November 2010

Long time coming

It is safe to say the past 7 months have flown by without me even noticing and since I last posted a lot has changed; I'm a  year older, a shade browner, and (for the forseeable future) a resident of Cyprus. After much planning, negotiating, debating and list writing, me and my better half have escaped the doom and gloom of winter in London and have headed to the sunshine island. A random choice of relocation you may think, but being half Cypriot, my partner's family are thrilled to have him back in the country he was born. So for the past three weeks we have been establishing our lives here, looking for apartments, jobs and opportunities to embrace. While London held so many possibilities for both of us, it was equally as limiting. So a change of scenery, some sense of perspective and a culture shock later, we are settled. We have an apartment (and our first home together) and one of us has an income. We know it's going to be an uphill struggle but hopefully one which will be worth. 

So while this blog has been a little silent of recent months, I have resumed writing, documenting our journey to the other side of Europe. You can follow our Greek adventure HERE.  

And hopefully a whole different culture with sights, sounds and smells unfamiliar to me, will spark inspiration for this blog too. We'll have to wait and see.