Monday, 20 May 2013

blog everyday in May - something I am struggling with.

Day 20 of blog everyday in May with Jenni and today we are about to get real as we discuss something we are struggling with right now.

Im not sure if this is good timing or bad timing; I mean I have something I am really struggling with which means content for this post, but it also means putting my feelings down into actual words on-screen for all to see and more importantly for me to see (do you have that thing that sometimes everything is so much clearer when you see words in front of you instead of thinking about them all jumbled in your head). 

Recently the boyfriend and I embarked on a long distance relationship as his work has taken him to Germany. We have done several periods of distance (which I talked about before here) so it is nothing new and we both agree that the time apart actually makes our relationship better. We also have a pretty regular communication pattern involving whatsapp and skype so it never really feels like we are that far apart; I really believe seeing the person that you are away from makes a huge difference. 

But this time I am struggling. Quite a lot. 

Maybe it's because I now feel somewhat alone in Cyprus without him here. Maybe it is because I am living alone, something which I always knew I wouldn't be great at, and something which I am currently grinning and bearing for the greater good. Or maybe because he is setting up in Germany without me and having all these exciting adventures that I am quite jealous of actually. 

Having my birthday and Greek orthodox East roll around right after he left didn't help with my mental stability either and while my friends here have been fantastic and totally supportive, I really feel the void that is now apparent without him here. 

But as with any struggle I have good days and bad days; sometimes I relish my own space and sometimes that same space highlights the loneliness I feel. 

I do have one companion left  in my little apartment that I am so thankful for. 


  1. Long distance is good and bad. Like you said, it can make the relationship better, and with Skype and technology we have today it makes it so much easier. But it is still a big adjustment. I hope it works out perfectly for you!

    1. Indeed skype, viber, whatsapp all these things make it so easy to have a relationship from afar, but they can never make up for that close contact with someone. Eh we will struggle through though and will be rewarded in the end!

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  3. From your most recent post it sounds like you are doing quite well :) Patrick and I have done it long distance for almost 3 and a bit years. What really helped was knowing it wasn't long term and we were both doing things that moved us closer to being in the same country. I think the way we really survived the distance and the length of time we had to do it for was constant trips. There were some periods where we saw each other 3 -4 times in a two month period, and while it costed a lot, we saw it as an investment in our relationship. But now, honestly, I'm over it and all the jobs and all the opportunities don't mean anything unless we're moving to them together xoxox

    1. Indeed having deadlines is really important. Like now, I know I have just 10 days until I see him again and it makes life so much nicer. I also think good communication skills is a must and some sort of routine, whatever that means for you. For us it is daily communication via email and whatsapp and skype at least 4 nights a week. It does get to a stage though where there needs to be an end in sight and be in the same country. I can't wait for that day! :)


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