Wednesday, 8 May 2013

blog everyday in May - a piece of advice

A piece of just that. 


I don't think my years on this earth give me enough knowledge to give anyone advice. Sure I know a lot about certain stuff; food, fashion theory, expat life, the best beaches, where to go for English magazines in Cyprus, how to handle long distance relationships etc, etc. 

But I dont think I would ever want anyone to take my words as gospel truth and roll with them, because what happened to me and what worked for me and whatever solutions came about, were simply down to a certain time and way of dealing with them. 

Not only are everyones situations unique, but everyone's personalities dictate a different way of dealing with each situation. For me, I cry.

I am an emotional person and can easily cry whatever my mood, so most of the time, I deal with things by crying and eating and hibernating from the world. 

As much as I don't give advice, I dont really like taking it either. 

Don't get me wrong, I think discussing issues and potential solutions is healthy. Airing your feelings and getting that jumble of emotions whirling round in your brain, out and into the world can help you find clarity.

But I am still not convinced on the advice part. 

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