Thursday, 15 March 2012


So after a year in our current apartment in Nicosia in the heart of Cyprus, we are moving. This is my first proper moving experience - arriving in Cyprus in October 2010 with just 3 suitcases between 2 of us, moving into our apartment was pretty hassle free. Its amazing the amount of "stuff" we have accumulated over such a short space of time, but now with it all in boxes and our apartment empty, we are moving to a new home.

We are downsizing but upgrading to a new place in an equally great location. So while all the chaos and mayhem ensues, there will be some silence until the internet is connected in the new place. But don't worry, I will be back.

For now, here is an amazing video, some of my boyfriends friends made on their travels round South America.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rhianna x Armani Jeans SS12

coffee makes the world go round

Starbucks have long had a strong brand image; like any other international company, you know instantly your looking at a Starbucks rather than any other coffee chain. But in Amsterdam, the global coffee provider has changed tactics slightly. 

The new store, which opened this week has a sustainable and recycled feel to it, with a creative edge to compete with the other coffee stores in the area. Its a completely different style of Starbucks than what I have experienced in the past, but the neutral colours and calm, quirky spaces look inviting and relaxing. 

image source

You can see more pictures of the new Starbucks store and read more about the new concepts Starbucks are implementing in Amsterdam, here. 

sunday sound

I think Florence Welch will forever be a favourite in my book regardless. Her unique voice and incredible talent means, again and again, she provides something exceptional and emotional all in one song. From the albumn Ceremonials, never let me go epitomizes her style.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

2012 is the year for action.

A video full of emotion, its hard to deny the impact it has when you watch it. The non-profit San Diego based organisation, Invisible Children Inc, has launched and extensive campaign of unusual motives; they are trying to make Joseph Kony, the leader of LRA, a militia movement that has caused unrest, anxiety, terror and death in Uganda.

Using social media and people power, Invisible Children want to showcase Joseph Kony to the world and give him celebrity status, in an effort to bring some weight to their mission of empowering the people of Uganda by showing the United States government that this is an important international issue which needs to be addressed.

The LRA or Lords Resistance Army kills, kidnaps, tortures and mutilates its victims. It abducts children, to be used as child soldiers or sex slaves. And its estimated around 400, 000 people have been displaced from their homes due to the terrorism inflicted on them by Joseph Kony's army. The whole situation is just astonishing; when you think about the awful situations these people are facing on a daily basis, it puts all your complaints and moans in perspective. Even more astonishing is the fact that this man is still out there, free to take away the freedom of the next generation of young people.

The Invisible Children organisation are now working tirelessly to get the message out there and to put pressure on the US Government and international community at large, to take action. The primary goal is to get people talking. If people are talking all over the world, governments must take notice.

While the organisation has been criticised for its approach and accused of sort of jumping in at the deep end, its obvious the message is going out there; since the 29 minute documentary was released on 5th march, its had over 63, 500, 000 views on youtube.

Its a video that has a strong message and I would thoroughly recommend you take 29 minutes out of your day to watch it. Whatever your opinion on the work of Invisible Children, there is a situation that should be addressed in someway and you may just be able to help.

Check out the Invisible Children website here. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012


In the past, I had the pleasure to work at HEMYCA, and without a doubt, they are two hardworking and ambitious ladies. They have a knack for creating wonderfully tailored garments, while keeping that certain feminine feel which can so easily be lost. Helen and Myra launched HEMYCA in 2007 with a vision to timeless, modern and luxurious garments. 

"Structural silhouettes that mould and shape the body are created through complex cutting, precision tailoring with exceptional detailing and a distinctive edge. HEMYCA’s designs cut a powerful yet ultra-feminine silhouette in luxury fabrics. HEMYCA is fascinated by the struggle between darkness and light and inspired by historical female icons; both these themes are vividly explored throughout their collections with a strong focus on creating expressive and functional clothing for dynamic, confident women."

Having dressed a number of celebrities and receiving praise from both UK and international press including Vogue and Elle, these ladies are always working hard to push the brand further. 

With strong silhouettes designed for a modern woman, season after season they step up to mark and produce something beuatiful. And the AW/12 collection, "A World of Glass" is no different. With a gorgeous colour palette, strong silhouttes and exceptional detail, its no wonder Anna Wintour was first in to see their AW presentation recently. With and audience like that, you know these ladies are good. 

image source
You can find HEMYCA at, on twitter and facebook, or you can contact them directly for more information about stockists, press enquiries and their atelier and bridal collections.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Monday, 5 March 2012


MISHMASH by Getty images is a competition for people who enjoying making short films, editing and mixing music and images to create something beautiful and inspirational. Find more information about the competition here. And go to getty to vote for this years entrants. Heres one of my favourite videos by Matt Callanan, documenting the story of the first Welsh woman to climb Mount Everest. 

Louise Roe

Louise Roe has a beautiful design style that has me lusting after pretty much everything on her website. From interior products, to clothing and accessories, she translate her simple and stylish aesthetic to everything she turns her hand to.

"Balance is a common theme in the LOUISE ROE collection, and a combination of dark and light, raw and feminine, simple and rustic, is at the forefront. "

Epitomising the Scandinavian style, products retain a strong design quality, a muted colour palette and a natural, effortlessly beautiful style appearance.

image source

Wake up

The perfect song for a Monday morning - when you most need that kick to get out of bed, in the shower and off to work. I suggest the louder the better, especially since I have been up since 5.30am when the boyfriend left for a work trip to Athens. This and coffee are the first things on my list this morning. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

sunday sound

There's a reason Coldplay have been around so long; they are the most inoffensive band in the world and seem like genuinely nice boys. A reason both mums, grans and kids all love them. Hence their sticking power. I simply don't know anyone who doesnt like at least one of their songs..... im sure i'l find one now ive said that. 

And I really like their videos. Plus Chris Martin is not only the frontman of Coldplay but also married to Gywneth Paltrow...he did alright for himself didn't he. 

Changing Rooms

No, im not talking about the BBC programme from way back when. Im talking about the Au Vieux Panier in Marseille. With a unique concept, this hotel regularly refreshes its look, inviting artists to get creative in one of the hotels rooms. Each season brings new artist collaborations, with the hotel rooms receiving a facelift often. From graffiti to sky and the moon, artists take their inspiration from everywhere to create intriguing and fascinating environments. 

Panic Room

Purgatory Palace

image source

behind the scenes beauty at Burberry

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Beautiful, flawless skin, strong eyebrows, moody eyes and soft lips encompass the Burberry look.