Sunday, 29 April 2012

a face favourite

I have written about Korres before, but now im properly utilising their products on a regular basis, I feel more equipped to rate them as a brand. And I have to say so far, so good. I started using the pomegranate scrub and then subsequently bought the face mask as go-alongside product. 

My skin is basically a continuous challenge; I have an oily complexion, with a few dry spots thrown in for fun, which makes for a challenge in terms of skincare. In the summer, especially since we moved to Cyprus, my skin is less dry for multiple reasons such as more hydration in the form of continuous water consumption, no harsh cold wind and using more creams and lotions. However the summer also brings with it a constant battle with oily t zones and shiny patches and with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees and strong amounts of sunshine pounding my face daily, my skin often feels clogged up and not clean. 

I think, however I have found the perfect answer to this potential summer nightmare. The Korres pomegranate scrub has both a creamy and grainy texture and feels like it gets right deep down into my skin to clean every patch. And the mask which I put through its paces this weekend has the same creamy texture and deep cleaning effect. Seriously, after the cold water had been dried from my face i had the same feeling on my face as really freshly cleaned teeth....the ahhhhhh minty fresh feeling. 

I also opted for the foundation with pomegranate which claims to have a matt finish, something my face always struggles with. After 2 weeks of the foundation, I have to say its pretty good. While the consistency is a little bit thick for my liking, once applied it feels lighter and maintains the matt effect for a considerable amount of time. 

The use of natural ingredients in these products can really be felt in their application and affect on the skin. They have gorgeous smells and I just adore the cool and quirky packaging which is obviously an important factor to consider! 

Peruse the Korres brand and entire product range on their website,

sunday sound

Obviously I woke up ridiculously early; I have put washing on, walked the dog and now the sun is shining low in the sky. I dont have the usual sunday feeling today...maybe it is because I know Tuesday is a public holiday so there is only one day of work before a mini break. This song is making me want to jump around the apartment....but that would be a little strange and i'm sure I would scare the dog.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I love saturday mornings

Without fail, I wake ridiculously early every Saturday morning. I have always been a morning person; it's when I feel my most productive. And since getting a four legged friend, early mornings always feel like they have a purpose. Walking the dog in the peace and quiet with the morning sun and the fresh air gives you this kick; maybe its the exercise or maybe its seeing the sheer excitement on said doggies face as she wiggles her bum round the park in the early morning sun, disturbing the birds from their breakfast. 

A beautiful Saturday morning takes away all the stresses and strains of the week and with a whole weekend ahead of you it feels like anything is possible. Sunday mornings however are the thing of nightmares. But more about that tomorrow. 

Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

keep it simple




what to do...

A positive attitude can do wonders, no? So on a very average Tuesday, what else can you do after work but seize the [remainder of the] day and enjoy the last few drops of sunshine with a spontaneous walk in the forest thats nestled in the middle of Nicosia. Walking amongst the trees, watching the dog shake her tail so much due to sheer excitement and for the love of freedom, whilst sniffing in the amazingly fresh air makes you leave all your cares behind and reminds me why we picked up everything and left everyone we love in London. Why? For the fresh air, the sunshine, the better way of life and for the friends we didnt know we would make [who turned out to be pretty amazing actually]. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012


So, a Saturday evening in Limassol where I may have had more than one Cypriot sized glass of vodka whilst watching (not very enthusiastically) some football match with Barcelona and Real Madrid, was filled with hysterical laughter and some serious talking about beliefs. 

I have been in a somewhat philosophical state recently, contemplating life, the future and everything in between. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the seasons changing or maybe its he hoards of blog posts that have cropped up recently referring to said thinking that have planted the seed even deeper in my head. 

I am about to embark upon my 24th year, something that doesn't scare me but more initiates a whole host of questions about what I have achieved, what I want to achieve and what the future holds. The past 7 and half years I have been lucky enough to share with a wonderful boy (although now man would be a more appropriate term) and in some ways our meeting was by chance. Was it fate that we were in the same place at the same time, were we meant to meet, to be honest i'm not really sure if I believe in that. But I do believe he has made my life a better place; supporting and encouraging me, his sheer determination and ambition is certainly something I admire. 

While I know I dont believe in one god, or any god, I know there are millions of people who do believe in a god, so all those people cant be wrong can they. But my lack of belief doesn't detract from my feeling that there is something out there, a higher power, I just cant put my finger on what that is. 

Do I believe in fairies, guardian angels, fate, everything happens for a reason? Probably the answer to all of those is no. In my head I find it hard to find a rationale explanation for why bad things happen, which would explain why I dont believe in guardian angels. If everyone has someone or something watching over them, then why do they let such life altering events occur.

You would be right in thinking that I am a sceptic; I dont believe easily and at the same time I dont trust easily, things which I would say are inextricably linked. But from our very serious conversations last night, a wonderful women highlighted something which I hadn't even given time to before; do I believe in myself? Do I believe in love and me and my boy (man) friend? And after so many no's I would say the answer is yes. I know whatever happens in life I have my own values and a belief in myself that is more powerful than anything else and I have someone else by my side, supporting me all the way. 

At the same time I think belief is something adaptable and dynamic, specific to different times in your life and different situations. So while I may be that sceptical person now, at the tender age of 23, who knows how my understanding of the world will change. We will just have to wait and see. 

Sunday Sound

Saturday, 21 April 2012

vitamin d

When I was living in England, I was constantly wondering if I had seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and whether I should get one of those UV lights to mimick the effect of sunshine and vitamin d. Now we live in Cyprus, i'm glad I didnt invest in one of those lights. But dont believe everything you read; we have our fair share of cloud and rain. Which even further compounds my belief that the weather certainly affects my mood. I need a regular supply of vitamin d. No doubt about it.

For sure I am living in the right country; feeling the sunshine on your skin as your walking to work is pretty mood boosting. And recently it has been giving me an extra dose of enthusiasm, indeed the vitamin d is powering through me and I feel refreshed and revived. So with spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, I have a very positive feeling.

Disclaimer: living on a mediterranean island isnt all beaches and bbqs, some working is involved!

my new mantra


flat texture

this is colossal really taps into the aesthetic I like, I could simply spend hours going from post to post reading everything and being consumed by every image. And every time i'm there something catches my eye, whether its old or new.

And I love the photographs of ink underwater by Alberto Seveso. The depth and texture of the images is astounding and the ink looks so soft and delicate yet so graphic. 

See all the images here.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shape and Sculpt

Sculpture is never something I really took the time to appreciate properly before. Traditionally my taste in art veers more toward the quirky, the modern, the simple and the graphic. But my eyes certainly lit up with this find on this is colossal. 

Vietnamese artist Diem Chau is a phenomenal craftswomen with a wonderful creative vision. This is evident from her work alone and her quirky use of everyday stationary items. She uses crayons and pencils and creates intricate and extensively detailed mini sculptures full of character, colour and charm.


Visit her website, for more of her fantastic creations and check out for more wonderful art findings. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012



Puppy Love

You know there is a reason they call it puppy love....because it is extremely hard not to fall in love with a puppy! I spent Monday sitting in the sunshine, drinking wine and playing with some of the cutest little pups I have ever seen. With floppy ears, super soft fur and baby barks they are irresistibly gorgeous.

As much as I wanted to return with one tucked into my handbag, for now one doggie is enough. But if anyone is Cyprus is looking to give a beautiful puppy a good home, wants to love it, cherish it and help it grow, I have some wonderful friends in Limassol who are looking for good homes. Go on. You know you want one!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

the art of the sign

I think sign language is an astounding skill to acquire. To be able to communicate with someone, without noise, without technology, without fuss almost. Its such a simple yet intricate form of expression and it really fascinates me. While I am not a huge Paul McCartney fan, the beauty of Natalie Portman and the sign language have had me captivated for hours.

the smell of spring

April in Cyprus is a funny old month. One day its raining the next its glorious sunshine. You can never tell what each day will bring and it certainly plays havoc with your wardrobe choices. But the rain and the sun bring some really beautiful spring smells and the blossom at the moment fills the air of the city with a sweet and fresh scent like no other. Unfortunately scratch and sniff blogs are a thing of dreams so you will have to take my word for it. In the meantime some spring inspired images to feast your eyes on. 





we are young

It's Tuesday morning and I have time off work so it means an extension of the lazy easter weekend. Over the weekend, many a conversation drew upon age and this song really epitomizes everything. We are young, yet we have accomplished so much. This isn't some self idolizing post, simply a reflection about our achievements which I still sometimes neglect to put into context. Moving to a different country, we have established and nurtured our lives here. We have jobs, a wonderful lifestyle, friends, a beautiful four legged addition to our household and most importantly we are happy. And while there are many things still to do, we are so young (although birthdays are just around the corner) so there is no hurry to grow up and be too serious just yet is there. Everyone is always in a rush to do things, get here, get there achieve this. But maybe we should just stop and smell the roses. Or the blossom. There is this wonderful smell in the air, the smell of spring, blossom and sunshine all mixed up in a cocktail that makes me want to smile.

Easter the Cypriot way

Easter in Cyprus is kind of a big deal, probably more so than Christmas. Obviously it resolves around food, with the whole family having what I affectionately call the Easter feast. Seriously the amount of food that is laid down on the table is astonishing. And what's more astonishing is that there usually isn't much leftover. In a nutshell we ate, Souvla (chicken and lamb slow cooked on a Cypriot bbq) Koupepia, Salads, Potatos, Bread and homemade Tatziki. 

However, the whole chocolate easter egg thing isn't really huge here, in fact, to find an egg, you know the type you get in England (a big egg, several little chocolate bars), I had to hunt very extensively. Well to tell you the truth, the boyfriend was instructed to hunt so he did all the leg work really. 

And to end the day a nice long walk in the oasis of green calm we recently found, tucked away in the heart of the city. With grass, trees so tall they touch and block out the full force of the sun and the sounds of nature, it feels like we are anywhere but Cyprus. 

So until next year, heres my Easter Sunday visual diary, food preparation and all. And while I may be a pretty good cook, nothing compares to the skills of yaya and thea (granny and auntie). 


yes thats right, he is using a hair dryer on the  bbq!