Friday, 3 May 2013

blog everyday in May - things that make you uncomfortable

Day 3 of the blog everyday in May challenge; so far so good.

Today, things that make me feel thats going to be a weird list of stuff.
Apologies in advance; don't judge me.

1. Awkward silences
2. Beauty pageants
3. The sound of a mosquito
4. Stilettos or any high heels in fact (im tall and they make me taller)
5. Loneliness - I can handle being on my own, but extended periods of loneliness make my nervous
6. Talking on the phone, to strangers particularly
7. Super hot summer nights without air con
8. Flying
9. Bunny rabbits in the supermarket meet section
10. Public arguments


  1. Yah I agree with the extended period of loneliness. Its the worst. Jason goes away for work for two weeks at a time. Its no fun

    1. its definitely no fun - especially when you are used to having that person around all the time, or living with them. the everyday things like just waking up next to someone seem so much more important!


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