Wednesday, 29 May 2013

blog everyday in May - 5 songs that bring back memories

We are near the end of the challenge now and today is an easier one for all of us that have made it this far; we need an easier one! 5 songs that bring back memories. At first I was like ohhh this is going to be easy. And the I realised my memory when it comes to music is awful! But I wracked my brains and consulted a few friends so here it goes...
Robbie Williams // Angels - reminds me of being 10 and brings back memories of my Mum. 

Moby // Lordy dont leave me - reminds me of the boyfriend

Whiteny Houston // I wanna dance with somebody - reminds me of university, being with an amazing group of girls (and guys who didn't appreciate the song) and having one too many cocktails.

Daniel Merriweather // Red - the emotional goodbyes to most fantastic housemates a girl could ever ask for after three years of university.

Florence & The Machine + Dizzee Rascal // You got the dirtee love - reminds me of a million things, a million people and a million good times, being home in Laaaandddan  town (as dizzee would say).

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