Thursday, 2 May 2013

blog everyday in May - life in 250 words.

Today is the start of the blog everyday in May challenge Jenni over at Story of My Life is running. And I am going to do my best to follow along (although with an upcoming trip to the UK, I may have to do some cheating). 
So todays post is the story of your life in 250 words or less. 

I was born 25 years ago today. The youngest of the family, I sometimes got my way and mostly got into arguments with my big brother, regularly throwing tantrums I am sure (these memories seem to have been removed from my brain).

I always had fantastic birthday cakes, handmade by my mother depending on each years requirements; princess castle, hedgehog, the list goes on. 

Sometime around the age of 9 I lost my mother to a quick but aggressive battle with cancer. A pretty defining moment in my life. My father was a trooper and raised us well and can be blamed for all my sarcastic qualities I have acquired.

I met the boy at the tender age of 15, and entered into a teenage romance; a boy who has now grown into a wonderful man that I love more than words can express. After school I studied for bachelors degree in Writing Fashion and Culture and spent the majority of my uni years carving out fantastic friendships.

I lived in London my whole life, but after graduating the boy and I packed our bags and begun expat life in Cyprus. Some 2 and half years later, I am still here, we picked up a dog and the boy has just embarked on a new job in Germany.

We have done long distance relationships before and our relationship is stronger than most after 8 years together.

25 years truly has flown by. Am I classed as an adult now?

*249 words thank you very much*

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