Wednesday, 31 July 2013

a little about the new look

There have been a few changes around here lately. 

I have had a facelift and the blog has a new sparkly design thanks to the lovely (and very patient) Sabrina. Seriously we must have exchanged about 100 emails because I am such a nightmare! But I am so thrilled with my new layout and design. 

There are still a few tweaks to be made like the sub pages, but I will get there in the end I promise. 

In the meantime you can visit Sabrina here for more of her design work. 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Staycation (a picture heavy post)

Even when you live on a Mediterranean island, you need a break! Everyday is not a holiday (despite what some of you may think)  however I am lucky enough that a long weekend can feel like a holiday with beaches, sunbathing, cocktails and BBQ's.

If you follow me on instagram you will probably have seen I have been away. For the past few days I have been in Latchi, enjoying a little spot of luxury, in a hilltop villa with a pool overlooking a beautiful, blue bay and indulging in some proper rest and relaxation. More about Latchi and the villa later, but for now, you can live vicariously through the million and one pictures of the incredible views I woke up to.

Don't feel too sorry for me, I am now officially back to the 9-5 grind of everyday life.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

state of mind at 10.40 am on a tuesday

It's funny what a few days off the radar can do to your state of mind. It's 10.40 am on a Tuesday.

Since 4 pm on Friday I have been officially on "holiday mode". 

I haven't looked at my watch. My alarm is turned off. The fridge is empty except for milk, water and banana's. I haven't cooked for days. My bikini has replaced my underwear. Lemonade has replaced coffee. And I am actually reading a book. Not a magazine. A full blown grown up book (more about that later). 

My brain has slowed almost to a halt; not thinking about emails, meetings, alarm settings, lunch preparation, cleaning, cooking, blah blah blah. 

The last few months have been a mental challenge; juggling work, pooch responsibilities as a single mother and learning to live in Cyprus solo. Im not going to lie, I have unplugged my brain and its staying that way until next week. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Palia Pineza - Old Town Nicosia

Old Town Nicosia is slowly coming back to life thanks to some loving restoration. For those of you in Nicosia, you will know what I mean. But for everyone else Old Town Nicosia is like stepping back in time; the buildings are steeped in history, bullet holes and all and the little stores, carpenters and mechanics still trundle on like they did 50 years ago.

But around them, Old Town Nicosia is getting a little facelift; walls are being re-painted, houses restored to their former glory and new little business are popping up all over the place. 

Palia Pineza is in the heart of the old town and has a great relaxed feeling, with cute little tables and chairs dotted around the table and some great cocktails on the menu at a pretty reasonable price. Definitely worth a visit, if you can find it that is!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

summer rain

These pesky little things brought with them some summer rain. 
Which was kind of unexpected. 
Rain drops falling in Cyprus in July!?

They left as quickly as they came; just these few stragglers left. 

I usually hate rain. In England I despised it. In Cyprus I dislike it. But this rain was actually much needed. Not only for the environment which turns into one big desert come summer. But the rain clears the air and brings the temperature right down again. Leaving work to a fresh, not-so-sweaty temperature does wonders for your mental health. 

I'm sure tomorrow the sun will be back with a vengeance. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

a fresh face

Things are changing round here. 

Yep I got restless with my current look and decided to mix things up a little. I found a wonderful blogger who offers her design services at a super reasonable rate and she probably the kindest, most patient person in the world! But more about her later. 

All that's left to be said is please excuse us if we look a little shabby round these parts over the next few days. The blog will be in transformation stages so there will be fewer posts and a bit of mess but that should all be cleared up by the weekend. 

And then I can get onto the exciting stuff, like sharing some great recipes and bragging about my upcoming staycation. Oh and the small matter of the boyfriend re-appearing for a two week trip (hence the staycation) which I may or may not be totally mind blowingly excited about. yes thats a word. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

honey bronze

This is another little product that the lovely ladies at The Body Shop introduced me too. Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Body Oil* is a dry oil which aims to give you a golden glow with just a hint of shimmer. 

I have to admit I was dubious about this product for one reason and one reason only - I hate anything with shimmer! But this dry oil has a less is more approach to the shimmer thing that I can more than get on board with. 

While it looks kind of  dark in the bottle, a little rubbing reveals skin with a warm golden tone instead of a heavy-I-had-way-too-much-sun shade. And it feels really moisturising without being greasy. 

And the smell, don't get me started on the smell. 

It has that great holiday product smell, you know the one. A mixture of sun, sea and creamy cocktail paradise, all rolled into a little bottle. 

I would reserve this product for evenings or holidays; it is definitely not something I would wear everyday, but it did accentuate my tan well enough to make me want to add it to my holiday product wish-list. 

And if you like this, check out all the other great bronzing products The Body Shop has this summer, here. 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Friday, 12 July 2013

black friday

excuse the weird look of my hands....I never know what to do with them in photographs.

I should know better by now. Over two years in Cyprus and I still haven't learnt that black at this time of the year is a big NO NO.  I thought the maxi skirt would be a good option as temperatures reach nearly 40. But black was not my smartest move. Black friday has pushed me into this post. 

So what should one wear for Mediterranean climates?

White/Light colours. 
Anything loose and flowing
Slouchy t-shirts/vests. 
Flip flops (my best friends come summer)

Other essentials include an adequate selection of swimwear is a must when your weekends are spent by the sea or a pool, preferably the mix and match kind so the options are endless. Sunglasses are also a must unless you don't mind being blinded by the sun and walking into lamp-posts. And a hat (which I learnt the hard way after several burnt scalp and dizzy-too-much-sun scenarios) should also be on your list. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

food: partners in crime

Red onion and garlic. Partners in crime in my kitchen. One without the other is like a barbecue without meat. Pointless. 

Recently I have been throwing garlic at everything I cook, simply because that small little bud of garlic packs a lot of flavour into food. I would like to tell you all that I am eating a lot of garlic because of the health benefits but sadly that was an after thought. But since we are here now, garlic is full with antioxidants  meaning your immune system gets a good kick. Garlic is also good for lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol and help with your overall heart health. 

So while my collegues may not be too happy about all the stinky stuff i'm consuming, at least my body will thank me for it!

And if you are a little lost for how to handle garlic, check out some of these recipes

Monday, 1 July 2013

blogging blackout

I didn't mean to disappear. 
I've been a bad blogger. 

The days ran away with me. 
The sun seems endless and the weeks have blurred into one. 
The pool is my new best friend. 
And this little lady spends her days sleeping under my bed - the only cold place in the apartment. 

Forgive me. 
Fresh start for a new week. Sunday night wine-tails (half wine/half cocktail) seemed to put us all in a merry mood for Monday. And it's the first of July. Maybe I will try a little blog everyday in July (reminiscent of the success of May). Don't hold me to it though just in-case I fail miserably.