Friday, 30 May 2014

life's unexpected intrusions


Sometimes it is easy to let life get in the way of blogging. I started this year by saying I would get back to my blogging roots and only blog when I had something important to write.  But it is quite easy to let that mindset take over and I feel like I have become a little distant from the very thing that has kept me so motivated over the last year, the blog. 

Sometimes it is difficult finding the balance between life and other commitments such as blogging and while I said I wouldn't be so hard on myself I feel like I have gotten into lazy ways. I mean I am not working at the moment which means I have ample free time to plow into the blog, but I havent. Yes I have been organising and navigating several international moves for both me and my four legged friend, but still, I know deep down inside I have used that as an excuse. 

And it is even worse when I think about the sheer amount of things that have gone on since I returned to London, most of which have not graced the pages of my little online diary just yet. I think sometimes, translating what is going on in your life, onto the pages of your blog can be a little difficult. And sometimes I feel the things that are going on my life, down to the sense of emptiness I currently feel should be left behind the publish button. 

It was actually Vanisha from A Life Unstyled that made me realise I have a lot to say. Sometimes when you are in your own life, you cant see the importance of certain things, or that they could be translated into meaningful content for the blog. 

So while I have a little extra free time, before the madness of the next move begins in roughly two weeks time, I am going to busy behind the scenes, planning and prepping this blog and getting it back to its former, content rich, glory. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Salisbury Cathedral

One of the things I had missed most about England was the choice of activities. I know I sound a bit like a cheap guidebook but the freedom of transport and the variety of cultural offerings is one of the things I missed the most when living in Cyprus. As such I am soaking up every cultural opportunity that there is while I am in England. 

While I was in Salisbury last weekend, I took full advantage and headed to the Cathedral for a little visit. It is a pretty impressive building. Original built at Old Sarum in 1092, the Cathedral was later moved to an alternative location in 1220. The Cathedral was completed by 1266 however the spire was added later. I am by no means good at history and a visit to the Cathedral itself or the website will enlighten you more about the building.

But the real draw is the Magna Carta which is housed in part of Salisbury Cathedral. The Magna Carta is probably one of the most important documents in English history which has since been celebrated as the cornerstone of liberty influencing the world today. And considering it was handwritten, it is the smallest, straightest, neatest writing I have ever seen.

If you are in Salisbury, the Cathedral is a must visit.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

don't be so hard on yourself


Ever since I have returned from my escape to the countryside, I have been in a bit of a blogging black hole. 

I don't know if it was the fresh air that cleared my brain a little too well and wiped away all blogging inspiration, or if it was the time spent with two wonderful girlfriends that sent me into a spin. Or maybe it's the chaos of the impending move, the second in as many months. Whatever it is, it has kept my laptop closed for days and tapping away now feels a little bit foreign for some reason. 

Every day that has ended, I have kicked myself for not blogging but then I remembered this little post I wrote way back (and hasn't it gone quickly) in January about enjoying my writing and not blogging for the sake of it. 

Expat life is complicated at the best of times. And yes I am still using the expat title because after living in another country for three years, London doesn't 100% feel like home. I feel a little bit like an outsider here; like a tourist in my own town, like someone re-organised and revamped the city in my absence. And while that brings with it a host of blogging opportunities, the other side of expat life; the organisation, the packing, the paperwork, the stressing sometimes gets in the way.

And then I decided not to be so hard on myself. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Life Lately: Getting out of London

*Picture dense post to follow*

Last weekend I escaped from the hubbub of London and headed into the countryside for some rest and relaxation. I lived with two amazing girls at university who I havent seen for over a year and with one living in Salisbury, we thought the Bank Holiday weekend would be a perfect time to reunite in her home town. I do love being in London but I couldn't pass up chance the to be outdoors, surrounded by green fields and take in some of the local sites as well as the traditional mayfair in the sleepy town of downton.

We walked, we talked, we sipped on local cider and we ate, embracing each others company and reminicising about university and how much time has passed. We visited the cathedral in Salisbury, we saw Stonehenge, we walked along dirt trails and through wide, green fields and we soaked up the sunshine on offer. 

And it was just the little escape from London that I needed.