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More than colour

The 2011 Pantone calender is the work of British graphic designer, Derek Bowers. With contemporary cultural references and with 1440 images forming the moasic, Bowers made sure his design worked on a global scale. See more on

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A piece of Kate

A mixed media video of the fall/winter 2010/11 Balmain photo shoot with Kate Moss. Find out more about the video and the ideas behind it here.

Back to Reality.

Lauren Conrad is possibly the epitome of our current culture. A reality TV star, plucked from high school, her journey both personally and professionally was [almost entirely] documented on camera. A young girl with drive, ambition and ultimately a dream, using reality TV as her portal for super stardom. But unlike so many, she has remained grounded and seems to have firm foundations and a sensible head on those bronzed shoulders.

She came to the world's attention in the MTV show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange Country followed 'LC', and her friends through their final year of high school, with the usual teenage dramas, dilemmas and outfit choices aired for the world to see. The Hills picked up from where Laguna Beach left off and followed Lauren to LA, California where she began interning at Teen Vogue. The Hills followed her love life, her friendships, betrayals and emotional highs and lows, as well as her professional progression from intern at Teen Vogue, to Fashion PR company Peoples Revolution where she worked with Teen Vogue fashion cupboard companion, Whitney Port.

Carving out a steady career in fashion on screen must have ultimately helped her off screen. Since leaving The Hills after 4 seasons, Lauren has gone on to produced her own fashion lines, books and more, she has attempted to distance herself slightly from the reality star stereotype. However it seems she is turning back to her roots one more time with a new reality show to follow her on a more professional level. This article explains it a lot better than I can so I will forward you to it now.

Whatever the future holds for Lauren Conrad, she has the wholesome and humble approach, not to mention the beautiful American girl-next-door looks to wow the world some more im sure.

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Challenging Taboo

The Nowness website is a recent discovery for me and I am thrilled to have found it. A mix of fashion, photography, music, art, culture appeals to all my senses and inclinations. And today, after a New Years Day stroll, I have been trawling the archive where I found this. Photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta - a regular in Indian Vogue - and his images of Lakshmi Menon; partner, muse and one of the most successful models to emerge from southeas Asia. Taking influence from India's sensual past, Dasgupta has challenged modern day taboo's, publishing a book of nudes, in 1996 entitled Women. The images portray their relationship across several geographical locations personal to them.

“It’s very private, but it’s just a part of our lives. It’s something I don’t think about anymore because it comes very naturally to us both." [Menon comments]

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