Friday, 9 October 2015

Total Silence

The total silence that has pervaded this page over the last six months is rather inexcusable. Life throws up some pretty interesting obstacles along the way and assigning time to a creative outlet, at a time when my brain is any but creative, felt almost rude.

A lack lustre blog post is no ones friend. 

I didn't start blogging with the thought of it becoming a full time job and to rack up millions of followers, nor did I start because I like shouting about all the "amazing" things that we do. I started it because I love words, I love conversation and anyone who has met me in the flesh, spent any considerable time with me or is a work colleague who unfortunately shares an office space with me, will politely or not so politely tell you that I am rarely silent. And on a side-note the things we do are rarely "amazing" because despite what people think, expat life isn't all cocktails and staycations. 

But nevertheless, sharing everyday moments, the rare "amazing" moments and everything in between, with family and friends far away is important. And the blog allows me to have those conversations, albeit one sided. 

Sometimes you need to take those conversations offline and pick and choose what you share with the rest of the online world. And honestly, sometimes it's sheer disorganisation and crazy that means blogging gets thrown on the back burner. 

A lot has happened since February; visitors have been and gone, friends have departed Dubai, we have packed, moved and unpacked in a new apartment, celebrated birthdays, escaped to our happy place of Cyprus, made new friends, changed jobs and adopted a healthier lifestyle. 

There's a lot to catch up on!