Tuesday, 1 May 2012

the day of birth

I know birthdays are meant to be those joyous occasions of happiness and celebration, but to tell you the truth, I find birthdays totally overrated. Not to be a birthday bah-humbug but I never really get super excited about my birthday and since we live in Cyprus, where we celebrate labour day on the 1st May, the choice of birthday activities in limited, since almost everything is shut. hmmmmmmm. 

The turning one year older thing doesn't really bother me....it's not like the new day brings about a whole different outlook or anything, so instead of a whole big birthday hooo haaa, I prefer something more relaxed and low key. 

The day went like this, lie in, breakfast, coffee, walk, chinese dinner, beach walk. A wonderful lazy day with the best Cypriot of them all (my boyfriend that is). But since my birthday will always coincide with the holiday meaning limited offering of entertainment, I have resolved that next year, either we go away, or my birthday is cancelled. I'm so high maintenance aren't I. 

At least I didn't end up head first in birthday cake. But then the alcohol fueled celebrations aren't till Friday so we may have to return to this topic. 

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