Monday, 21 May 2012

motivation for a monday

So Monday brings with it that horrible feeling in the bottom of your stomach. The "oh my god its Monday which means I have a whole five days to endure until the weekend" feeling which makes it oh so hard to drag ones body out of the duvet and pillows upon waking. So a little positive mental attitude seems apt. I saw this on http-// (my new favourite blog) and thought I should share. There is something so confident about the streaky black letters cast on the white background that kinda give you the "yeah ok lets be positive" vibe. And obviously, happiness is a lot more attractive than depression! So what if it's Monday, the boyfriends left me for a week for work trip to serbia, i fell down the stairs last night and now have a sore ass, ate way to many "bitesize" pastries at work thanks to the numerous name days and then tripped up on the way home. So the only way to solve this Monday feeling (aside from a desperate attempt at positive thinking.............homemade chicken and sweet potato curry with peas and rice (recipe can be found here, courtesy of the BBC good food website)

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