Sunday, 6 May 2012

every cloud...

supposedly has a silver lining...there seem to be a lot of [metaphorical] clouds hanging around lately and while I didn't end up with my face in a cake on Friday (as previously discussed here) the past few weeks have been a bit more up and down that I would've liked. 

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And after lusting after a mini London break pretty much constantly, irony granted me what I most desired. Unfortunately, the lust turned into a must as I venture home for the funeral of a wonderful lady, who reached the grand old age of 93 and remained forever optimistic, positive and upbeat about everything, for the entire 24 years I had the pleasure to know her. 

So come Thursday, I will be London Heathrow bound, flying solo, for a 3 day trip filled to the brim with mixed emotions. Obviously I would rather be going home for a happier occasion, but never the less, I will embrace all things English, consume my favourite food, frequent H&M (obviously) and absorb enough rain to remind me why I hated living in England. 

Homesickness is a funny thing. It crops up when you least expect it and while I have thoroughly absorbed myself in life in Cyprus and know I 99% do not want to live in London (there is always that 1 pesky %) sometimes I think you need to return home for all the good things and remind yourself of all the bad. 

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