Tuesday, 15 May 2012

it's all about giving (but not gifts)

This weekend was an eye opener. My whistle stop tour to London for little more than 72 hours was all in aid of the funeral for a wonderful lady who died at the grand old age of 93. Mrs F was the name she went by in my eyes and for the entire 24 years I knew her she was a loving women, constantly giving in selfless acts. Every time I would visit there would be freshly baked bread in the kitchen, coffee cake perfectly iced ready for me to devour and homemade jams and sauces just asking for a cheeky finger to be plopped straight into the jar for a taste. Aside from the food, she was an intelligent women who knew pretty much everything there was to know and was willing to share with anyone.   

While she was a remarkable women in almost every way, I think I will take one thing away from knowing her. The importance of giving. She was forever giving; selfless and ready to help with anything. A quality that is becoming rare. 

In such a busy world, full of material objects, focused on money and with access to almost anything you could ever want, its easy to become selfish. But stuff kinda clicks into perspective when you attend the funeral of such a wonderful women. Her heart slowed down and after 93 of giving life her all, it was time for a rest. 

Life teaches us so much, but death is when the real lessons are learnt. 

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