Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The four legged friend

The unconditional love in the eyes of my four legged friend is second to none. I know I bag on about how amazing our doggie is and how beautiful she is but, as someone who used to be completely and utterly terrified of dogs, saying I love one is quite an achievement! Cue a doggie photo shoot to make you all do a simultaneous "ahhhhhhhhh". Millie knows how to turn on the puppy charm. 

photos: my own


  1. Aww cute doggy :) Love these photos!

  2. Too cute...i love puppies...i have a Jack Russel named Harry boy...he is 12 years old now...i've had him since he was 1...


  3. She is super cute most of the time, except when she is super bouncy and her jack russell character comes out at 6 in the morning!!


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