Monday, 7 May 2012

calm among the chaos

I am a city girl through and through.While I am slowly embracing the countryside and have a growing appreciation for the beautiful nature that we are surrounded with, I still feel most at ease in the city, surrounded by a concrete jungle. On reflection, this is totally due to my upbringing in London, that means I am more comfortable pounding oxford street and battling on the tube than donning wellies and navigating a muddy field. 

I grew up in Teddington which is on the outskirts of London and was blessed with a huge expanse of park to live out all my childhood dreams, just on my doorstep. I remember my mum taking us to the park on a regular basis and it was so fantastic to run around and climb on trees etc. and escape the city. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. And not just as a child. As an adult the stress of daily city life can be so overwhelming sometimes, that all you need is some fresher air, a long walk and nothing but the sound of a bird instead of a beeping horn. 

That being said, there are rarely muddy fields in Cyprus and wherever you go someone beeps their horn (I have a philosophy that how well you beep your horn is part of the driving test here), but city life in Cyprus can be just as stressful as London. Recently, we stumbled upon a little gem of a park that reminds me more of a forest than a park, for its sheer size and feeling. Its totally a calm among the chaos and the dog loves it. She can run and run and run without fear of being hit by a car. And at about 5.30pm it has the most beautiful light that illuminates the trees and makes you feel like your a kid again, standing beneath a huge tree that seems so tall and endless, for all you know its touching the sun thats shining through he branches. 

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