Tuesday, 22 May 2012

welcome to the guest room

After moving in to our new apartment almost two months, the spare room was instantly turned into a storage room, walk in wardrobe, beauty space and general "im not sure where to put this, ok put it in the spare room" space. Finally this weekend I put my orgaisation skills to good use and with a little bit of help from multiple ikea storage boxes got the spare room in guest worthy condition. 

Well when I say guest worthy condition, my clothes aren't scattered across the bed, the suitcases are put away, a make shift lampstand was created out of my Elle magazines and the clean sheets were cast across the bed. And the final touch, the beautiful welcome pillow, which as a birthday gift some years ago, finally has its place. 

The next task. Get some photographs on the wall! But thats a blue job for the boyfriend isn't it. 

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