Monday, 28 May 2012

sunday supper

For some reason, Sunday nights bring out my creative side in the kitchen. Don't ask me why, maybe its the weekend feeling and the notion that I actually have time to experiment a little, instead of just covering chicken in olive oil, salt and oregano (the classic Cypriot approach to chicken) and throwing it in the oven whilst simultaneously doing 15 other things before its done. So, when I found a recipe for chicken and sweet potato curry on the BBC Good Food website a few weeks ago, I knew it was something for a Sunday. 

I made it once already but it went horribly wrong. It was my fault really as the 15 things I was trying to do while I was cooking it meant I let it simmer for too long; the sweet potato went too mushy and the sauce thickened a bit too much for my liking. Take two and I learnt from my mistakes ( I guess using recipes off the internet should be practiced before you can expect perfection). 

This time round, I left the other miscellaneous tasks for later and fully focused on the task at hand. I used less curry paste, a full fat coconut milk (the one I used before was half fat - I really dont know what I was thinking when I picked it up - half fat is so not my style) and cooked it for the proper amount of time as dictated in the recipe. 

And the result was perfectly cooked chicken, firm sweet potatoes and a beautiful creamy sauce. Not to blow my own trumpet but it tasted pretty spectacular! And the recipe is super simple. Two steps.That's it. And when something sort of resembles the picture from the recipe, you know you did a good job. 

Find the recipe here. 

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