Tuesday, 8 May 2012

loosing it

Today I lost something. But it was my keys, phone or purse. I think it was my mind. It was one of those days where something inside me clicked and my brain went into overload, analyzing everything around me to within an inch of my sanity. Oh these days just drive me round the bend. And while I would say im currently experiencing some sort of mid life crisis, im far from mid life so that would be totally inaccurate.

However I do think a mid 20's crisis is upon me. Maybe its the turning 24 thing. Maybe its the emotional trip home I will embark on come Thursday. Maybe its just itchy feet for something more. To be honest I don't know the answer. And my racing brain is not in the mood to discuss it in detail right now so I think I will be returning to this at some point soon.

What I do know is that recently I read several blog post about missing that certain something. I started with Jenni at Story of my Life (who you definitely should catch up with if you dont already follow) who directed me here, the Simple Mom blog and a fabulous post about working from home, who in turn, lead me to this guy, Sir Ken Robinson. I also found him previously, popping up on Fashion Copius. All the above post are a must read, however Sir Ken Robinson is whole another thing.  I havent had time to delve into his stuff extensively, but I feel the need is coming and I will be sharing what I find. However do go have a look for yourself. His book, The Element has been ordered from Amazon and I feel some serious me reading time coming on.

We will return to this topic shortly im sure...  

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