Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Patriotic Side

While I may be living a different life in Cyprus, I am still a London girl at heart and remain very attached to all things English. Courtesy of the BBC World News channel and their regular airing of the London Calling, I am quite up to speed with the notion that this is the year for London. Although I am not i amongst the mayhem and madness, I do know that the Diamond Jubilee weekend celebrations are fast approaching. 

Im not familiar with the expat community here in Nicosia, which to be honest is probably rather a small one, and have no plans to celebrate the Jubilee. I mean really, me on my own in the street trying to create a mini street party with union jack bunting and some crumpets and victoria sponge probably wouldn't go down too well with the neighbours. 

But my very thoughtful father gifted me with two union jack themed teaspoons to bring a little bit of patriotic spirit to my cutlery drawer and as a result I have been searching for other English themed items to clutter our apartment with in a rebellious stance against the Cypriots. 


John Lewis

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