Saturday, 19 May 2012


Saturday comes just once a week, which is a shame since its my favourite day. Although for some strange reason my body never allows me to sleep in, always waking early in the sort of way that makes it impossible to return to slumber! 

Maybe my body and brain are programmed for the week a little too much that they get confused come Saturday and dont really know what to do about it. It's funny how quickly our brains and our bodies get into a routine and succumb to what is now the everyday. I guess I noticed this mostly when we packed up and transferred our lives to Cyprus. 

Routines in the Mediterranean are very different from London, with a more relaxed atmosphere, laid back routine and afternoon naps thrown in for fun. And whilst before my Saturday routine would have been centered around working and going to the gym, now its cleaning, shopping and doing fun things like walking round old town nicosia, coffee in the sunshine and bacon sandwiches. What a difference a country makes huh. 

It's easy to fall into a trap though and get almost stuck in a routine, something which has been nagging me lately. Maybe the reason for my itchy feet was the routine, the everyday stuff of being an adult like saturday cleaning and monday night cooking that got me frustrated. 

I guess the answer is to catapult yourself out of the routine or stop getting overwhelmed by the familiar. 

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