Sunday, 29 April 2012

a face favourite

I have written about Korres before, but now im properly utilising their products on a regular basis, I feel more equipped to rate them as a brand. And I have to say so far, so good. I started using the pomegranate scrub and then subsequently bought the face mask as go-alongside product. 

My skin is basically a continuous challenge; I have an oily complexion, with a few dry spots thrown in for fun, which makes for a challenge in terms of skincare. In the summer, especially since we moved to Cyprus, my skin is less dry for multiple reasons such as more hydration in the form of continuous water consumption, no harsh cold wind and using more creams and lotions. However the summer also brings with it a constant battle with oily t zones and shiny patches and with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees and strong amounts of sunshine pounding my face daily, my skin often feels clogged up and not clean. 

I think, however I have found the perfect answer to this potential summer nightmare. The Korres pomegranate scrub has both a creamy and grainy texture and feels like it gets right deep down into my skin to clean every patch. And the mask which I put through its paces this weekend has the same creamy texture and deep cleaning effect. Seriously, after the cold water had been dried from my face i had the same feeling on my face as really freshly cleaned teeth....the ahhhhhh minty fresh feeling. 

I also opted for the foundation with pomegranate which claims to have a matt finish, something my face always struggles with. After 2 weeks of the foundation, I have to say its pretty good. While the consistency is a little bit thick for my liking, once applied it feels lighter and maintains the matt effect for a considerable amount of time. 

The use of natural ingredients in these products can really be felt in their application and affect on the skin. They have gorgeous smells and I just adore the cool and quirky packaging which is obviously an important factor to consider! 

Peruse the Korres brand and entire product range on their website,

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