Monday, 16 July 2012

sunday funday

Since we have an extended weekend we decided to take a little trip. Sundays are usually my low key, low energy day; you know the washing has to be folded, the apartment tidied and the brain relaxed before Monday hits us at full force. But with a few extra days off, there is no Sunday night feeling in sight, just a tanned and tired English girl fresh from a day of rock climbing in Ayia Napa.

Ok so not technically rock climbing as you would think, I mean I am not really the sporting type. When I say rock climbing I mean more walking and clambering over rocks on the side of the bay in Ayia Napa. 

Not just content to laze on my sun-lounger all day long, I opted to take advantage of my surroundings and take some snaps, a. to make you all insanely jealous of where we live and b. so this blog post would be a bit more visually pleasing.

When you think of Ayia Napa, you probably dont have the best thoughts, but little did you know its not all booze and bottom shaking. We have found a lovely little beach, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of clubbers paradise, where the sand is white, the water is a clear and everytime we go, I feel like I am on holiday. 

I think I will let the photographs do the rest of the talking.

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