Wednesday, 4 July 2012

summer food

Unfortunately, the majority of my posts from now until October will probably reference, in one way or another, the temperature here in Cyprus. But to be honest, when its almost 40 degrees on a daily basis, you cant help but take note.

That being said, I am now going to talk about food (another favourite of mine). In particular food thats appropriate for this time of year. My menu goes by seasons. Winter is usually filled with heavy, warming foods with lots of sauces. But come summer food in my house becomes a bit more stripped back. When its hot and humid, the thought of eating a stew or a steak [except steak is high in iron, something I need more of apparently, as we found out here] just makes me feel overwhelmed. 

But luckily Cypriots have a trick or two up their sleeve and obviously years of experience means they have adapted to their food; cue salads, fish and beans. And my favourite go to, easy to make when you come home from work, healthy and tasty dish is beans, with tuna and what the English would call a marrow (I think - in Cyprus we have a whole array of vegetables/fruits that I never knew existed, let alone how to translate to English). 

With a huge splash of olive oil, some fresh lemon and a lot of salt (Cypriots love their salt, a bad habit im picking up) this dish is perfect for a hot summer evening. 

And while it all sounds horrendously healthy, have no fear, I am consuming twice as much chocolate!

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