Monday, 23 July 2012

inside out

When I think of wallpaper my mind conjures the image of my bedroom back home in England, when I was about 6 and had this mind blowing [and not in a good way] textured wallpaper. Thank goodness design has come a long way since then and now wallpaper has a little more style. It also is no longer reserved for the inside of houses.

Italian company Wall & Deco has created a range of wallpapers to adorn the outside of your home. The technology behind the structure of the wallpaper allows for photographic images and graphic design work to be effortlessly plastered across the exterior of any building.

So you can change the look of your house whenever boredom strikes!! All I need now is my own house and so extra cash to wallpaper its exterior. In an ideal world said house would be on top of a cliff overlooking to sea and the exterior would be something like the black and white geometric print above. Not sure how it would hold up under the Cyprus sun but there's only one way to find out I guess.

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