Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hot Dog

The title of this post may be somewhat misleading, since for once, I am not talking about food. In fact I am talking about a hot dog [or a dog that is hot]. 

The long hot Cyprus summers are a killer for us our four legged friend with the furry jacket on her back is struggling. While we can go to the beach, the pool and swim and eat ice cream, Millie has just the comfort of the cool spot under our bed and the knowledge that when she gives me the "Mimi I feel hot" look, I will dutifully feed her ice cubes. 

Thank god we didn't acquire one of those huge hair dogs that would have to be shaved naked in the summer and have a paddling pool for it to sit in 24/7. Our little pooch is hot enough with her short hair so I can only imagine how hot huskies must be in this heat. 

Aside from the cool spot under the bed, the next best things is laying in the shade on the balcony. I just love our dog!!

photographs: my own

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  1. This made me smile because my dog is currently squished along the side of the sofa, the only cool place in the house.
    It must be hard work wearing a fur coat all year round!

    Lucy x


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