Monday, 9 July 2012


No I am not starting magic or having random outbursts of strange words. Today I stumbled across a website which I cannot leave [more about that one another time] and in turn, found a fantastic Spanish brand, which I have been consequently lusting after all afternoon. 

Malababa was founded in 1997 and has been steadily stealing success across Spain, as well as international markets including USA, UAE , Japan, UK, China and Italy. A small brand with passion and a growing offering, Malababa offers a beautiful array of simplistic leather goods including bags and purses; there is a jewellery line, shoes, hats, hair accessories and even a kids range. 

Using a simple and muted colour palette of beige, browns and warmer corals, the collections ooze simplistic Mediterranean style. 

My favourite are the above slouchy tan leather bags with the gold handle; the mix of the soft supple leather and the strong linear gold handle really work - the perfect go to bag for every season and every outfit, which is my kinda bag!

I also wouldn't mind this, this and this. You can see all the products and buy online, here

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