Thursday, 26 July 2012

bronzed legs v bruised legs

I want beautiful bronzed legs, a nautical inspired outfit and wonderful beach hair with just the right amount of blonde and texture.

Instead, I have one bruised leg and a headache after I slipped in the shower this evening and head-butted the wall, slamming my leg into the side of the bath. And irrational fear of slipping in the shower which turns out to be not so irrational. So instead of writing a proper post using my headache drenched brain, I am going to stare at this cool image until I fall asleep and hope concussion doesn't set in [not that I am dramatic or anything].


  1. Oh Mimi! Trust u! Remember...wot dont kill ya will make u stronger! He he. I slipped on the wet tiled floor im barbados once as arron left the floor wet and laid there for ages crying totally naked so i feel ya pain! X

  2. Haha, it totally sounds like something that could happen to me!

  3. Oh gosh, that is so sad and really wonderfully funny at the same time. So sorry you tripped!

  4. Ouch - that doesn't sound too good!

    But re the image shared: She's a babe.. love the stripes + sunnies!

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