Saturday, 14 July 2012

hello weekend

While weekends come and go this one is particularly perfect since I have Monday and Tuesday off work, which means total relaxation, Monday spent on a sun lounger instead of an office chair and no Sunday night feeling. And it already feels like the relaxation has set in. 

In Cyprus we finish work at 2:30pm on a Friday which in my opinion is just marvellous [some companies and all stores close early on a Wednesday for a mid week rest from the heat] but lots of international companies opt for Friday as it ties in better for business. Anyway, the benefit of this is that Friday afternoons turn into a day in their own right. 

After an afternoon hiding from the heat in the mall in Limassol - where the boyfriend had to do some visual merchandising and I had to peruse the sales - coffee and dinner with the boyfriend's boss and his gorgeous wife, it's easy to forget that I was at work this morning.

So welcome to the weekend. There will be lots of this..... 

And fingers crossed lots of this......


I think we will get along well.

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  1. I've only been to Cyrpus once but I loved it! :) It must be amazing to live there - and actually have a sunny summer! Here it has been raining every day since I arrived...! :/


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