Saturday, 7 July 2012

no title

Words come pretty easy to me - even though I have noticed a decline in my ability to spell and find the correct word which I will attribute to hearing a different language everyday for the past [nearly] 2 years. And my inability to retrieve words from my brain usually fails me when a) I am trying to write an email at work and b) I am trying to come up with a suitable post title on this here blog. 

And the funny thing about this post is that I hadn't planned to talk about this at all. I found a a black and white photograph [as displayed below] that I wanted to blog about and couldn't summon up the words for a title and before I knew it my fingers were tapping away at the keyboard and here we are. 

Now whatever I had to say about this image has totally gone out the window, but nevertheless I still love it. There is something I find totally mesmerizing about black and white photography; and I am not sure if its the simplicity of it or the rawness that comes from the monochrome palette. Its like the lack of colour highlights every other detail and texture and I can see movement and feeling that I otherwise would overlook. 

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