Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My sense of humour

Cards are a big deal for me. I love receiving them and I love writing them, although what with the internet cards have somewhat become redundant in my life. But Birthday cards are very important. My boyfriend however does not share my enthusiasm. For him a card is just a waste of money and I am still battling to get the idea firmly lodged in his brain that I like cards and must receive them on said birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day etc. 

He did good this year and taking a leaf out of his step-dads book, gave me two birthday cards. Of course I have had a birthday card sitting in my cupboard since I came back from my England trip in May. You may think I am crazy but for any of you who know Paperchase in the UK, you know their card selection is irresistible. 

And for someone who hates cards and thinks they are pointless, I found the perfect one. And in keeping with my sense of humour. Wonderful!!

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  1. Love this card! Haha.
    I am definitely a huge fan of cards! I love sending them, I love getting them!


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