Thursday, 12 July 2012

an overflowing ASOS basket

The one thing I miss about London is the high street and the variety! Whether you have a teeny tiny budget of a limitless one, you can go shopping and treat yourself thanks to the great British high street. 

But living in Cyprus I have learnt to become a bit more creative with my clothing recently and am stepping out of my comfort zone and into a skirt to breath new life into my existing wardrobe and make it weather appropriate. But seriously, there comes a time when you just have to splurge correct? 

Step forward ASOS. Seriously I am forever grateful for ASOS and for the fact that they deliver to this itsy bitsy island. I like the fact they not only have their own affordable and more luxury lines but they stock a whole host of brands I just cant get my hands on here. And it's a bit more fun to wear something a few people may have instead of something from Zara half the island has.

The thing is when I am in a shop and have to hold the garments I want, the reality of the budget sets in as well as the limit to what I can carry.  With an on-line basket, the total is just numbers on a page and the amount of garments is just something inside my screen. 

So now the overflowing ASOS basket edit begins....which is a whole other challenge in its own right.


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  1. That last skirt is beautiful. I am a huge fan of ASOS myself and also appreciate that they ship free to Canada :) xA


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