Wednesday, 11 July 2012

heat resistant

I wish I was heat resistant. Now don't get me wrong; I love every second of the sunshine and knowing I will wake up tomorrow morning to glorious sunshine and a bright blue sky makes me sleep happy. 

But the overwhelming heat that consumes your body on a daily basis can, dare I say it, get too much. Last year was our first summer here, so the novelty of the heat was fresh. This year, I do believe my body has adapted and become more immune to the increasing temperature, but equally I have become less patient when it hits those high high 30's. I feel my mind and my body slowing down and the madness start to creep in. 

To reiterate, I wouldn't change this situation, because tomorrow I know I will probably wear a maxi dress or skirt, with sandals and not require any form of rain protection items. But as much as the rain and grey skies can get too much, so can the sunshine. 

Sometimes you just need to escape to a dark air conditioned room, collect your thoughts, rest your skin and re-focus your priorities and think of cool water and ice lollies [recipe for the below can be found here]! 


Because life on a Mediterranean island is hot and the quicker you find coping mechanisms for the heat the better, because it's only July which means one thing....we havent even peaked yet! 


  1. Oh, I love reading your blog! It makes me feel like I'm not the only one totally drowning in the heat induced crazy of the summers here. People tell me I'll get used to it, but at some point I still believe that hot is just hot.

  2. I feel you on the heat! What makes it worse is the HUMIDITY!! I'm in the Midwest of the U.S and humidity is a beast! There is no way to be comfortable, but to sit in the air conditioning. Yesterday, I dreamt of fall!


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