Saturday, 7 July 2012

a good way to start a Saturday

My Saturday began abruptly, being woken by the pooch who, as soon as you move a teeny tiny inch assumes its time to get up and decides she should help in the process. Her "helping" mostly includes licking toes and ears, but this morning, she decided to comb my hair out of my face with her paw. 

On one hand she is very considerate. On the other she is very annoying, especially since it was 6.50am!! But once you move, she knows your awake and will do her best pretend whimper in order to guilt trip you into walking her right that second. 

I guess the flip side to this early morning wake up was that I got to experience the amazing cool and refreshing temperature 6.50am has to offer which feels wonderful compared to the sweaty 35+ it has no crept up to. And the morning views aren't too shabby. 

photographs: my own

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