Sunday, 22 July 2012


This week, despite i actually being my boyfriends birthday, his mother sent me a belated birthday gift [I love that women]. I blogged ages and ages ago about A Merry Mishap [here] and while I jokingly suggested someone send the black bead necklace my way since my birthday was approaching - I never actually thought anyone would take note. 

Oh how wrong I was; the boyfriends mum is full of surprises, which means I am now the proud owner of said black bead necklace. And I love it! The length of the gold chain is perfect, the black geometric beads sit perfectly and it looks wonderful round my neck accompanying my black skirt, white t shirt and sandals for work. Everyone in my office wanted to know where it was from and while they didn't quite understand the whole concept of etsy they admired it from afar. 

And of course it came in super cute packaging which is also an important part of receiving something; a little bit of love for the exterior goes a long way! 

Visit the AMM shop here - there are some beautiful pieces for summer!!

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