Saturday, 20 April 2013

Saturday Style

Usually my Saturdays are consumed by washing, cleaning, dog walking and coffee trips. Hence my Saturday style is somewhat casual, which reads I look like a casual mess of sweatpants, old t shirt and flip flops. 

Basically no where near as stylish as any of these ladies below. If I had to define my style, I would say simple and casual. I tend to pick plain pieces, rarely delve into patterns but do like a splash of colour here and there. Although an overwhelmingly large proportion of my wardrobe contains "neutral" shades.

Like most people I feel like my style often hits a rut. I noticed it usually comes around seasonal changes; the in-between weather is the worst and forces you to question the entire contents of your wardrobe, all because you don't have the perfect outfit for those cold, warm, windy, wet and dry days. Seriously though....who does?!

While sweat pants is probably the best choice for a Saturday cleaning session, future outfit inspiration has to come from somewhere.....and that somewhere is Pinterest. 

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