Sunday, 14 April 2013

expat adventures: to the mountains

Today we went to the mountains.

Although I can't tell you where we went, except we were somewhere between Nicosia and the top of Troodos mountains. Mainly because I wasn't paying attention and partly because after driving round windy mountain roads and passing through itsy bitsy villages, I lost track of our exact location. 

 photo 20130414_114816_zpsa546977c.jpg

 photo 20130414_115322_zps61d63ac1.jpg

But I can tell you it was green. The air was clean and fresh. And the sunshine was beating down. It felt like spring and it felt good.

Just being out of the city released some sort of pressure I had been feeling and I felt free. There is such a sense of uncertainty in Cyprus (understandably) that I was craving a little escape from the everyday. 

 photo 20130414_114926_zpsa317742a.jpg

Whatever time of year you visit Cyprus, the mountains have something to offer. In the winter they are transformed into a snow lovers paradise and skiing is a real possibility, something I am still struggling to get my head around. In the summer months the mountains offer a break from the stifling heat the rest of the country falls under. In the summer the mountains retain this cool, clean air that is so different from the hot, humidity of the city and even the coast. And in spring, the mountains are at their best; it's warm and cool all at the same time and the air smells fresh and woody. 

If I could, I would live up there.


  1. Beautiful pictures, girl! It looks breathtaking!! I used to live in San Diego, California close to the mountains. I loved waking up and looking to the distance and seeing them every morning. They really do offer something for everyone :)

    Steph xx

  2. Beautiful, those mountains look serene.
    xoxo Aimee


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