Monday, 15 April 2013

food; the thing about leftovers

The thing about my cooking is this; I have no concept of portion control. 

You would think by now that I would be adept at working out portion sizes since I have been cooking for two people for two and half years. But no. I still end up with enough food to feed six by the time I am done with dinner prep. And while both me and the boyfriend have a hearty appetite, there is no way we could polish off that amount of food in one sitting. 

As such, my fridge ends up looking like a tupperware haven by midweek. Luckily (and I am not sure if it's thanks to my resourceful student days or my sheer creativity) I have a knack of turning anything into a pretty tasty and substantial meal. Which if you have met my boyfriend, you will know, is not easy.

And last week I exceeded even my expectations. I started with leftover pasta in tomato sauce, added leftover grilled lemon and oregano chicken and then I threw in anything that caught my eye; chorizo, broccoli, green beans and sweetcorn. Cover in cheese, bake and eat. 

Hey presto dinner is done with minimal effort and maximum reward. Sometimes, my lack of portion awareness pays off!

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