Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Beauty: a few of my favourites

I am by no means a beauty expert. 

But I know what I like and I am always open to to trying new products. So I thought it was about time we try a little beauty post. Forgive me if I ramble about smells and textures; both are a big deal-breaker for me. 

clockwise from top: Burberry Brit. Hugo Boss Deep Red. Soap & Glory Smooch Operator. Apivita Handcare Intensive Moisturizing. Simple Repair Anti Wrinkle Cream. 
I was never a perfume kinda gal. I always wore one smell from the age of about 15 which was Ghost - the one in the blue bottle. But recently I have been craving richer scents and have been snapping back and forth between Burberry Brit and Hugo Boss Deep Red. 

I am yet to decide on a favourite. But the thing I love about perfume is the feeling that comes from the smell. For me the Hugo Boss has a deeper, almost passionate smell that makes it perfect for evenings. Whilst the Burberry Brit, aside from the fact that I am sporting some sort of relation to my motherland, has a rich smell that airs on the side of a day scent for me. 

Anyone who knows me, will know my love of lip balms. I always suffer from dry lips and it is not uncommon to find at least 2 lip balms on my desk at work (with an emergency balm in my bag sssssh). My current favourite was one I picked up on my last trip to England. I love Soap and Glory products for two reasons; the smell of their stuff just makes my nose happy and the luxurious texture of their lotions feels amazing on your skin. And luckily, the Smooth Operator balm has both. Its a rich balm/butter that smells of a rose garden and feels right at home slathered on my lips. 

The Apivita Intensive Moisturising Handcare is a cream I picked up on Saturday. And if I am honest I have the same issue with hand creams as I do lip balms - I can't get enough. (For someone who isn't a beauty expert I sure have a lot of products to be passionate about). With Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil ( an ingredient that here in the Mediterranean world is worshipped) it adds that much need moisture back into your skin, has a subtle smell and more importantly for me, doesn't leave any weird slimy or flaky residue! This is is a winner in my book. 

Last but not least, Simple Repair Anti Wrinkle Cream. This was a last minute airport purchase whilst trying to rid my purse of all sterling coins before my plane departed. And as usual Boots was my saving grace. 

Now I am only 24 and I am not concerned about wrinkles in the slightest, so im not sure why I picked this one up. But I did want to try something from the Simple range so voila, this little jar of goodness ended up in my suitcase. And I am glad. Simple products are just that. Simple. They dont have all the chemicals and smells others do. And at the moment I appear to be having rather unruly skin which may just benefit from some paired down skin care. 

I have only been using this for a week but it definitely feels great on my skin, regardless of its lack of contents. I think a longer review of Simple will come at a later date. 

If you have any go to, fail safe products, do share. I am always looking for an excuse to blow 20 euros on a new lip balm! I guess "it's all in the name of blog research" is a good one. 

*well that was a longer post than I was expecting to put out, so congrats if you made it this far through my ramblings*


  1. Pining this post for my next beauty shopping trip! Great haul. I'm always putting on hand lotion and lip balm too.
    xoxo Aimee

    1. If you like lip balm you have to try this soap and glory one, its my absolute favourite (until I find a new favourite that is!). Let me know any great finds you pick up on your shopping trip. Any excuse to spend money and make the boyfriend cry about my beauty products mounting up in the bathroom! :)

  2. I haven't tried any of those products yet, but i just wanted to tell you that i really like your overall layout, especially the header picture - very pretty :) And i just followed you on Bloglovin' :)


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