Thursday, 11 April 2013

learning Greek my way

I will be the first to admit I havent exactly thrown myself whole-heartedly into learning a new language. We have been here over 2 years and I can just about string a sentence together when the need arises, although my understanding is pretty on point.

Maybe its the lazy English girl in me, or maybe its because everyone talks English to me, no matter if I try to string that sentence together or not. The majority of my Greek, most of it reading and understanding, has come from 2 main places; reading food labels and the office.

For some reason (and I honestly think it's funny that a girl who loves food) most of my Greek reading abilities have come from food labels. Maybe it has something to go with the familiarity of food and ease of reading labels and deciphering the new alphabet.


But most of my understanding has come from sitting in an office all day with everyone speaking Greek around me. I remember my first few months I would go home with a long list of words and phrases for my boyfriend to translate. And suddenly I started hearing words more often; I began to distinguish certain phrases and their meaning and context combined in my brain to help me achieve a somewhat basic understanding of what was going on around me. A little bit of google translate doesn't hurt either.

While my method of learning is somewhat obscure and obviously actual lessons are highly recommended, im a strong believer that you should use what works for you when it comes to learning. 

And I guess the old saying is pretty fitting now; practice makes perfect. 


  1. You will get there in the end. Just take it slowly. Great blog will be back to read more about your life in Nicosia.

    1. Ahh thanks emma! Indeed every day I learn something new! Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to hahing you again.

  2. I've heard that hearing the language while living in a non-English country is an easier way to remember the language as a life skill. Opposed to in one ear, out the other in high school language classes.
    xoxo Aimee

    1. I would probably agree with that. i never did well in language classes at school but just hearing the language all day everyday I managed to pick up quite a good understanding!

  3. You just have to keep on trying:) I know how it is but the good thing is when you are with the family/at work/ with friends soon you will start understanding what they say. The problem is that you just have to start talking.. I am still in that point and have to try a bit harder ( I know it is difficult when almost everybody can talk English).
    Good luck with that:)


    1. oh Nina I need some real motivation. And your totally right about the talking.

      You have to just go for it, my problem is I get embarrassed because my greek isnt very good and then I get in a jumble and get embarrassed and its like a vicious cycle because when that happens I dont want to speak at all.


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