Saturday, 27 April 2013

saturday snacking

Saturday meal times seem to blur into one another; at least thats the way it goes in my apartment. Consequently, I pretty much snack all day without a proper meal in sight. Do not judge me just yet. 

I appreciate my food a lot and don't just eat crap thank you very much. My snacks usually vary throughout the day but include all major food groups - walkers sensations crisps are a major food group right? 

Todays mid morning snack was Mediterranean infused; toasted sesame bread, with a teeny tiny drizzle of olive oil, oregano and tahini (kind of like humous but made out of sesame). 

And if you are feeling more adventurous, try topping it with sliced tomato, cucumber or grilled peppers.  

Now the boyfriend is away, I am free to get creative in the kitchen with limitation (I am a less fussy eater than he is) so expect some more foodie posts in the near future. *I apologise in advance if you don't share my passion for eating*. 


  1. That looks good! I'm the same as you, honestly. I am constantly snacking around on Saturday's...(Insert My Hersheys Candy Bar) lol
    Steph xx

    1. I think its the freedom of a can just dive into the fridge whenever you want!! Oh I love Herseys chocolate. You can find it in London but no chance in Cyprus :(


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