Monday, 7 October 2013

Limoncello // Ayios Antonios Market, Nicosia

Since the boyfriend left, I don't eat out a lot. Mainly because he was a pretty good eating-partner-in-crime and with the girls it tends to be wine and cocktails and gossip. 

But that all changed a few weekends ago when we popped down to Limoncello at the beautifully restored Ayios Antonios Market in Nicosia for a little Saturday lunch. I might have mentioned Limoncello a few times......? Here and Here to be precise. And I am not being paid to write these posts....the food is really that great. Especially the burger. And anyone in Nicosia will know a [good] burger is hard to come by. 

The burger is a chunky, meaty monster, topped with cheese and some incredible, almost sweet, onion chutney, sandwiched between a soft bun. And the home-made style fries, coleslaw and yummy mustard mayonnaise make this one burger you really need in your life!

And as every girl knows, desert is kind of a deal breaker. So you can understand my excitement at this macaroon with rose cream, fresh lychees and strawberries! 

*mouth-waters* All you need to finish of this sort of Saturday lunch is nap. 


  1. That burger is enormous. Jason would love this place. That desert looks like something I would order, probably two or three at a time.

    1. I know it is a proper man burger that one. My boyfriend loves it.
      As for the desert...well i was so full from the burger but I just had to find room to squeeze that in. :)


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